Stretch Marks On Breasts

What Do Stretch Marks On Breasts Mean?

What Do Stretch Marks On Breasts Mean?

Stretch Marks On Breasts: Stretch marks appear mostly in legs and abdominal area. However, stretch marks can also appear on the breasts and it happens to every woman at some point, Stretch Marks On Breastsregardless of weight or shape. When you see stretch marks on breasts there is no need to worry as it is actually normal and common. Breast stretch marks can be a result of many different factors but rarely means that you have any disease.


Stretch marks on breasts are typically the result of rapid changes in the breast size. Breasts are usually composed of mostly fatty tissues and when you increase consumption of calories, it can result to increase in size of the breasts. Weight-related breasts increase is more common in women, but can also occur in men as well. Also, if you have gained weight recently, the stretch marks on the breasts are likely to be caused by this. Even when you lose weight, there will stretch marks that will appear and remain as an evidence, but they become less noticeable and more fainter.
Puberty. Teenagers may notice increased stretch marks on their breasts. This is due to the growth spurt that is associated with puberty that causes changes in breast size. Along with development that comes with stretching of the skin hence leading to stretch marks.
Pregnancy and birth control. During pregnancy, the breasts grow and they usually remain like that even after childbirth for the purpose of breastfeeding. Also, many forms of prescribed birth control cause the body of a woman to react as if she is pregnant, so the breasts increase in size. This increase in size leads to stretch marks.


The best natural method to reduce stretch marks is keeping your weight at the desired scale. The more you keep gaining or losing weight, the higher chances of getting breast stretch marks. Also, you can apply creams or lotion that is designed to reduce stretch marks appearance. With natural methods, the results are not achieved faster and also it takes time before creams and lotions take effect. To avoid developing stretch marks in the future, you need to apply moisturizers on the skin on a regular basis. Other drastic methods to get rid of stretch marks are microdermabrasion and laser therapy.


Keep in the track on your diet is very helpful in preventing stretch marks and especially during puberty. You also need to maintain your weight on a healthy scale. When you lose weight gradually and in a proper way through an active lifestyle and healthy diet, you will be helping your skin to adapt and tighten to its new shape, thus you are able to prevent lose skin and additional stretch marks. If you are using steroid, you need to follow the instructions given by your doctor and do not self-medicate without consent from the doctor.

It is important to note that it takes time for stretch marks to fade but they will disappear completely with time. The important thing is to follow ways to prevent stretch marks and also the treatments.

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