Stretch Marks Home RemedyStretch Marks Home Remedy

If You Are Looking For A Stretch Marks Home Remedy, We May Have Just The Thing!

Stretch Marks Home Remedy

stretch marks home remedyStretch Marks Home Remedy: There are numerous creams and lotions on the market to help get rid of stretch marks. That being said, a growing number of people are developing a growing desire to treat issues such as stretch marks using a natural remedy. If you are looking for a stretch marks home remedy for your own needs, or to advise someone else, you have come to the right place!

Below we have outlined a few methods that provide both a natural, and an inexpensive alternative to the typical high street solutions.

Fancy Something Sweet? Sugar Could Be Your Solution!

Sugar is known for being a natural means of skin exfoliation. To use it as a stretch marks home remedy, simply take one tablespoon of sugar, add a few drops of lemon juice or almond oil, and apply to the stretch marks. Gently rub it in for around 10 minutes, then rinse it off in the shower. Try to repeat the process for a month to see the best results.

Are You A Potato Person? Don’t Limit Their Goodness To Your Insides!

Rich in vitamins and minerals, potato juice encourages the growth of skin cells, as well as restoration. Take a medium size potato and cut it into a few thick slices. Using one of the slices, gently rub it directly onto the stretch marks. Allow the juice to dry in then rinse with warm water.

Olive Oil, A Real Treat From The Med

Full of antioxidants and nutrients, olive oil has many benefits when it comes to skin problems and issues. Gently massage warm olive oil into the affected area. This will increase blood circulation and promote the healing process.

Lemon Juice, Renowned For Healing Skin Issues

Lemon juice contains acid, making it useful in the treatment of many skin conditions, including acne, scars and stretch marks. Use the juice from a few lemons to create circular movements on the affected area. After around 10 minutes use warm water to thoroughly rinse the area.

For added benefit, the lemon juice can be mixed with cucumber juice before massaging into the area as outlined above.

The Goodness Of Cocoa Butter

With anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties, cocoa butter is full of goodness for the skin. Use it at least twice a day to massage into the affected area. For optimum results keep the massage routine up for at least two months.

The cocoa butter can also be combined with vitamin E and other oils such as wheat germ and tea kernel.

Getting rid of stretch marks can initially seem like a daunting task, and an expensive one at that! With many costly potions and lotions available on the market, they may seem like the only option available to you. However, by familiarizing yourself with some of the natural ways to treat stretch marks, it is more than possible to reduce their appearance in a way that doesn’t need to break the bank!

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